Marcia Raff Studio

Explanation of The Town Square Finger Labyrinths Diorama ©


Labyrinth      is an ancient symbol born 2300-700 BCE. It represents wholeness in that when it is walked, it is a journey to our center and back out again into the world. A Labyrinth has a unicursal path which means it’s one way in and one way out. It’s not to be confused with a Maze that has twists and turns and blind alleys. Like life and destiny, a Labyrinth may be a long journey but it has a specific beginning and a specific end.

Benefits of Walking a Labyrinth     Focused walking meditations produce many health benefits. When we walk the labyrinth, with our feet or with a finger, we discover our sacred inner space. Walking a labyrinth can deepen our self knowledge and empower our creativity. It clears the mind and gives insight into the life journey. The journey is different for everyone, as is life, for we each bring different raw material to the labyrinth. Walk as you are with the understanding that you can access the truth in your soul. Walking the labyrinth can be thought of as a path to your soul.

Diorama      A model representing a scene with three dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large scale exhibit as seen in museums.